Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

Wolfram Science Winter School

January 2–12, 2024


Kartik Tiwari

Class of 2022

Kartik studied Physics and Philosophy during his undergraduate education at Ashoka University. He juggles his academic interests between Foundations of Physics (shape dynamics, numerical relativity, and computational cosmology) and Space Engineering (astrodynamics, orbital mechanics, and trajectory optimization). In the past, Kartik has worked on ISRO's NavIC satellites, studied numerical relativity under the supervision of Prof. Alcubierre, and collaborates on Shape Dynamics research as a part of Dr. Julian Barbour's working group. He likes to regularly invest his time in science outreach and occasionally in policy research. In philosophy, Kartik likes to read about Philosophy of Science, Formal Logic (especially Temporal Logic), and its inadequacies and neuroscientific frameworks of consciousness. Beyond academics, Kartik enjoys writing music on his guitar, reading vintage science fiction, watching rocket launches, and listening to Urdu poetry.

Project: Modeling spin network interactions via branchial graphs