Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

Wolfram Science Winter School

January 2–12, 2024


Rose Knight

Class of 2022

Rose is a rising senior at the University of Virginia majoring in Physics and minoring in French. She likes experimental and phenomenological physics. Her current research activity is the fabrication of a multifunctional setup to condense superfluid helium droplets into intentional topologies and arrays via laser-ablated microstructures in a cesium thin film. Past research has included quantum simulation in optical lattices as well as nonlinear and ultrafast optics. Her research interests broadly include topics in quantum optics and quantum information, but outside experiment, she finds the characterization of the universe as a computational object a deeply compelling possibility for answering similar qualitative questions. Outside of physics, she loves art, languages, and her six siblings.

Project: Modeling spin network interactions via branchial graphs