Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

Wolfram Science Winter School

January 2–12, 2024


Delaram Mirfendereski

Class of 2022

Delaram obtained her Ph.D. from Bogazici University, Turkey, in December 2019. Her dissertation was supervised by Dr. Van den Bleeken on "Scaling Solutions of N=2 Supergravity and Holography". Since then, she has been pursuing her research as a postdoc by mainly focusing on superconformal (quantum) mechanics and quiver gauge theory. Alongside, she is interested in the swampland program in string theory. In October 2020, she joined Prof. Cleaver's research group at Baylor University as a visiting scholar. Their focus is currently on the de Sitter conjecture in the swampland framework. Additionally, her wide range of interests in theoretical high energy physics covers other subjects such as black hole physics, gauge/gravity duality, etc.

Project: Modeling spin network interactions via branchial graphs