Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

An interactive, workshop-based program, introducing students in years 9–13 to cutting-edge programming, computational thinking and innovative technology. The program is a unique opportunity for students with an entrepreneurial and technical mindset to explore the limits of computation.

The Wolfram Spring Program is an intensive one-week program designed to push the boundaries of computational thinking. Through lectures and activities, students use Wolfram Language to apply programming to a wide variety of subject areas.

The program combines hands-on learning led by Wolfram instructors, peer collaboration and individual exploration in an interactive and engaging active learning environment. We focus on guiding students through the basics of coding, design, computational thinking and beyond. Students apply their coding skills to content ranging from physics to music, mathematics to art, chemistry to poetry, and learn to use advanced machine learning techniques for solving problems.

Motivated students in years 9–13 who are interested in building their technical skills, expanding their knowledgebase and forging connections with like-minded peers should apply.

Need-based financial aid is available.