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17th Annual Wolfram Summer School, held at Bentley University June 23–July 12, 2019 Apply Now


Leah Chrestien

Wolfram Science

Class of 2015


I am currently pursuing my undergraduate bachelor's degree in physics from St. Stephen's College, Delhi. Fascinated by Turing machines since my high school days, I enjoy studying data structures and running computer simulations on some of the conventional problems in physics.

I enjoy traveling to new places, writing my very own travel blog, and meeting new people. Being a voracious reader, I enjoy reading works of literature and possess a strong affinity towards Renaissance art. Being a student of Western classical music and having a soprano voice, I have performed in various piano recitals and musicals.

Project: Periodic Tilings with Two or Three Constraints on a Hexagonal Lattice

In this project, we studied two-color periodic tilings of a hexagonal lattice that satisfy up to three nearest-neighbor constraints and their rotations. We exhaustively enumerated all such constraints and their rotations, and used a backtracking algorithm to identify whether or not the constraints are satisfied by periodic tilings. One result of this investigation is that if any one of these constraints is satisfied by a non-periodic tiling, then the constraint is also satisfied by a periodic tiling.