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Wolfram Summer SchoolFounded in 2003

17th Annual Wolfram Summer School, held at Bentley University June 23–July 12, 2019


Vallorie Peridier

Class of 2008


Vallorie Peridier is both associate professor and graduate-program director in the mechanical engineering department of Temple University, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She earned her physics undergraduate degree at Bryn Mawr College, and her applied-mathematics doctoral degree at Lehigh University.

She has found her participation in the NKS community to be a transformative experience, and her goal is to abet the recognition and adoption of NKS methods in engineering applications.

Project: CA-Generated Idealizations of Roughened Surfaces

Models of surface roughness, utilized in numerical simulations, often entail an ad-hoc randomizing strategy. Such approaches frequently result in a less than satisfactory approximation of the surface topology.

This study demonstrates how a basic cellular-automaton (CA) approach can be used to construct a somewhat more plausible representation of a roughened surface.

The basic idea entails interpreting the cell-by-cell accumulations of totalistic 2-color CA evolutions as the vertical offsets for nodes that define a triangulated, faceted surface. This approach provides an interesting variety of irregular but physical-appearing surface structures.

In summary, this CA rough-surface model successfully articulates a quite complex surface geometry with only a very modest-sized rectangular data grid which, with suitable interpolation functions, could be subsequently exported to other computational applications.

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A rule is reversible if there is an "invert rule" that exactly runs the rule "in reverse" for any initial condition. I found 16 reversible rules in the k=2, r=3/2 rule space, and identified invert rules for all 16.