Featured Alumni

Thank you so much for accepting me into this program. These two weeks have seriously made this summer the best one yet. I have learned so much about mathematics and programming and have gained a new sense of direction in regards to academia.

This Demonstration simulates two-player, three-dimensional chess. Players can utilize all three dimensions as they try to capture their opponents' kings.

Ackermann steering geometry is a theoretical model for a steering system that has zero slip. It is achieved when all four wheels on a car are perpendicular to the same turning circle center. My Demonstration uses a simple three-bar linkage, which is a common approximation for Ackermann geometry. The linkage is arranged in a trapezoid so the wheel on the inside of a turn will angle more than the outside wheel.

This Demonstration models a quantum system called a coupled quantum harmonic oscillator, plotting the wavefunction and probability density of the displacements of two particles as if they were connected by a spring to a wall and to each other.

In Their Words

Emile Okada

“Awesomeness packed within a layer of fun-ness, packed within a layer of coding and math, packed within a layer of awesomeness.”

Klimentina Krstevska

“I spent the two best weeks of my life on this amazing camp learning from super-awesome pros and hanging out with cool nerds. This definitely is my favorite summer so far!”

Steven Wang

“I met a lot of smart kids, learned how to manage a huge program, and learned important life lessons.”

Nathan Wolfe

“It was a great opportunity to work on a project of my choice for a long period of time, with the help of knowledgeable teachers.”

Ying Gao

“A total blur of learning, meeting cool people, and trying again and again to tackle the code.”

Yifan Hong

“My lecture classes went fantastic. I learned everything about 3D graphics that I needed to code my extremely complicated project.”

Betsy Li

“My experience at Mathematica Summer Camp was phenomenal because there is no other program that allows you to become part of this learning project that can teach you so much about yourself and the world.”

Taylor McCreary

“I am now convinced that everyone should use Mathematica, and I can't think of a better way to learn how to use it than this camp. I enjoyed meeting everyone as well, and the lectures were great.”