Wolfram Mentorships Program


The Wolfram Mentorships Program provides opportunities for motivated students to work on cutting-edge technology projects.

After being selected for the program, students make several choices from a diverse list of projects—which are all unique, innovative, educational, and practical. With the help of a mentor who is experienced in creating new technology, one project is selected from those choices.

The projects require the student to dedicate at least 5–10 hours per week (including a weekly meeting with the mentor), and are usually completed in 3–6 months.

The results of mentorship projects may be featured on Wolfram websites, or become part of the Wolfram technology stack to be used by people all around the world. Additionally, students are always free to use their project(s) results for science fairs, competitions, applications, interviews, or other academic activities.

Because most projects require programming in the Wolfram Language, applicants are encouraged to learn it before applying.

If you already know the Wolfram Language and have a passion for technology, then the Wolfram Mentorships Program might be for you.