The Wolfram Summer School Armenia is a unique opportunity to do a research or technology project, turn ideas into products and companies, develop educational tools, and much more. We accept students with diverse educational, cultural, and professional backgrounds, and consider wide age groups. Students' projects take advantage of Wolfram technologies and recent developments like data science and machine learning to tackle original problems on the cutting edge of science and technology. Their results often turn into theses or publications, and can be the start of a new direction in their fields. By the end of the program, a starting idea is developed into a working prototype that allows the students to pursue their ideas.

Before the Summer School

General daily routine

  • 9am–1pm: Lectures and project meetings
  • 1–2pm: Lunch
  • 2–4pm: Afternoon session
  • 4–5pm: Recreation
  • 5–7pm: Project meetings
  • 7–9pm: Dinner and more project time

Week one

  • Basics of implementing projects with the Wolfram Language
  • Hands-on, in-depth training on Wolfram Language technology development
  • Project selection and project time

Week two

  • Special-topic lectures on the Wolfram Language
  • Ongoing project meetings
  • Final preparation for presentations
  • Student presentations