Wolfram Science Track

A unique opportunity to do a research project, the Wolfram Science track is primarily for college and graduate students. Their projects take advantage of Wolfram technologies, methods found in Stephen Wolfram’s book A New Kind of Science and more recent developments like data science and machine learning to tackle original problems on the cutting edge of science. Student projects often turn into theses or publications, which can be the start of a new direction in their fields.

Before the Summer School

  • Students will be provided with self-training tools and exercises in using the Wolfram Language
  • Suggested reading: the NKS book
  • Advisor assigned for each student

Week One

  • Basics of Wolfram Science (lectures)
  • Mentor pairing and project selection with Stephen Wolfram
  • Hands-on tutorials implementing Wolfram Science methods in the Wolfram Language

Week Two

  • In-depth lectures on Wolfram Science and application areas (physics, biology, social sciences, historical contexts, philosophical implications, etc.)
  • Special-topic lectures (previous topics have included science-based careers, how to pick a research project, how to write a paper and how to start a technology company, as well as outlines of physics, aspects of scientific history and much more)

Week Three

  • Guided and solo project time
  • Presentation preparation
  • Final student presentation