Steven Wang

Mathematica Summer Camp

Class of 2012


Steven, nicknamed "Wangster," is currently an eleventh-grader at Granada High in Livermore, California. Steven is an extremely arrogant child and spends a great deal of time boasting about himself to his friends and family. He is easily fascinated with almost all subjects, but is most interested in discrete mathematics, programming, and philosophy. Steven has assiduously programmed in Perl, Actionscript 3 (Flash), MATLAB, and Java. In the future, when he has more spare time, he hopes to create an RPG set in high school in which the player can level up in skills such as "Permutation" and "Gerund-Crafting" to aid his or her defeat of the diabolical school finals.

Project: Boids: Simulated Flocking Behavior

This Demonstration implements the boid algorithm to model flocking birds. For detailed information about a manipulable setting, hover over the name of a setting to display a tooltip.