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Katarina Miljkovic

Summer School

Class of 2009


A Boston-based composer, Katarina Miljkovic explores interaction between music, science and nature through live collaborative performance.

Project: Soundscape of NKS

The aim of the project is to expand the means for exploration of elementary rules through sound in Mathematica. Selected sections of CA will be mapped to different parameters of sound: pitch, duration, meter (grouping of sounds in time), volume, and frequency spectra. A series of codes, classified by a parameter of sound and a class of complexity, will be produced. Thus, future composers will be able to get acquainted with the world of NKS through its musical space and time in a systematic way.

Special attention will be paid to analysis of sound propagation depending on class of complexity applied. This small-scale project is a continuation of Katarina Miljkovic’s work on the theoretical basis for composition with the aid of CA.

Favorite Three-Color Cellular Automaton

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