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Enrique Zeleny

Summer School

Class of 2005


Enrique Zeleny is a veteran Mathematica user from Mexico. He has a master’s degree in physics from the Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, with a thesis on supersymmetric quantum cosmology, completely done with Mathematica. He plans to write about NKS, both at a technical and at a popular level. His interests include a diverse range of topics like recreational math, computation theory, and general thinking. He works as teacher and enjoys movies, painting, gothic rock, science fiction, political activity, and beers from the world.

Project: Localized Structures in Causal Networks Generated by Turing Machines

The NKS book shows causal networks for mobile automata and substitution systems and only suggests that a model for space-time based on Turing machines can be developed. Code for visualization of causal networks was developed. With some tools, I have identified typical behaviors and their classification, how a causal network looks with complex and random behavior.

Some basic properties of causal networks have been studied and localized structures are being identified, by dissecting their evolution, with the help of cyclic backgrounds, and looking at what happens with a TM if we change the initial state of the tape progressively or randomly. Relation with compressed evolution will be investigated, as well as binary counting.

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