Jade Han

Class of 2019


Jade Han is a rising junior at Dana Hall School in Wellesley, Massachusetts. She is interested in computer science and mathematics. She participated in the 2019 MIT Blueprint. As a junior, she will be taking AP Calculus, AP Computer Science, AP Chemistry and Statistics. She enjoys playing soccer, softball, and basketball in her free time. Jade has a passion for expanding her knowledge and does this by seeking a new interest in the scientific field.

Project: Face Emoji Identification


The project aims to train a classifier to learn various types of face emojis and identify them in an image. For example, a person might add a face emoji on his or her image in order to decorate it. When the image is processed, the program should be able to find the face emojis he or she used in the image. After locating them, the program should return what the face emoji is, such as "Crying Face" or "Sleepy Face." Classifying the emojis is accomplished via the Classify function, where the training data is an association of emoji names and emoji images from Apple, Google and Twitter. Locating the emojis is accomplished via SelectComponents and a masking workflow using ColorDistance and FillingTransform.

Summary of Results

This is the confusion matrix plot of the actual Face Emojis and the predicted face emojis. As you can see, all of the face emojis are classified correctly. It is probably due to our dataset being small, making it difficult to make a distinct test set, but we were able to successfully detect the face emojis in an image and identify what they are.

Future Work

Since I detected the face emojis on the images using the circular shape of those, I experienced difficulty in creating masks for those face emojis that are not circular. In order to expand on my work, I have to find out a way to detect those face emojis with external features, such as horns, glasses and hearts. I believe this concept could be achieved by refining or finding the properties and values for the function SelectComponents instead of circularity.