Simeon Buttery

Class of 2019


Simeon Buttery moved from Oxford, England to the United States of America in August of 2009 at the age of six. He is currently sixteen years old and his interests are archery, reading, and design. He is ranked 312th in the nation for Olympic Recurve Archery and has competed in the 50th U.S. National Indoor Championships as well as the 2019 JOAD National Indoor Championships. He is very academically focused and is a 10th-grade student at Torrey Pines High School with an average GPA of 4.07.

Project: Generating Crossword Puzzles


During my project, I had objectives. The first was to find two random words that fit together. The second was to format the Grid function. The third was to add more words to the crossword. The fourth was to make all the inputs so far not rely on my logic, but rather the computer places and selects words instead of me. The fifth was to randomize the process. The sixth was to clean up the output.

Summary of Results

I achieved several things. I used Overlay then Grid. I added spaces for many words. I chose random words that fit together. I made hints from definitions. I refactored the code. I made the output look nice.

Future Work

In the future, I wish to do many things. I want to randomize the layout of each crossword. Sadly, I was not able to finish this goal; however, I feel that I have still accomplished the goal of making a crossword generator.