Wolfram Gap Year Research Programs

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Curriculum and Activities

The Wolfram Gap Year Research Programs are an intensive one- or two-semester-long program and focus on a variety of academic activities. Activities throughout the program will take place remotely, blending active learning with opportunities to socialize with other students.

Learning the Wolfram Language

During our kick-off boot camp, you will learn to use the Wolfram Language to explore problems and create solutions. Learn to turn your ideas into computational realities.

Modular Certifications

Over the course of the year, you will study for certifications at Wolfram U, personalizing your own course of learning to suit your interests. Our fully interactive courses include short videos, video transcripts, exercises and a scratch notebook in an easy-to-use interface. Course videos feature step-by-step examples—pause anytime to try the exercises and check your results. Work on your own code in the scratch notebook and start using the Wolfram Language right away.

Original Research Projects

You will be matched with other students with similar goals and interests to you, and over the course of the full year, you will produce two high-level research projects. If you choose to enroll in just one semester, you will produce one high-level project. With the help of industry mentors and a team of support staff, you will have the opportunity to learn in a project-based environment.

Social Activities

The entire year will be supported by a variety of social experiences. You will form close bonds with your team and your cohort, joining in with activities as varied as special interest discussions and video game tournaments.