Wolfram Gap Year Research Programs

Springboards for college or graduate school
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Wolfram Gap Year Research Programs

Get involved with the leading edge of the computational revolution

A unique opportunity for precollege and pre-graduate-school students to work with leaders in science and technology—and complete their own independent research projects in a dynamic environment while gaining skills and certifications

Building on the 18-year success of the Wolfram Summer Programs, the Gap Year Research Programs provide students unprecedented access to members of the Wolfram|Alpha, Mathematica, Wolfram Language and Wolfram Physics Project research and development teams, and an opportunity to experience firsthand what is involved in world-class innovation in science and technology.

Topics include computational language, applications of the computational method, data science, machine learning, blockchain, experiments in the computational universe, the fundamental theory of physics and many more.

Need-based financial aid is available.

The Wolfram Gap Year Research Programs are project-based, intensive one- or two-semester programs designed to provide springboards for high-achieving precollege and pre-graduate-school students to develop and demonstrate skills that will propel them to success in the increasingly computation-oriented world.

With a strong emphasis on student and mentor interaction, the programs are designed for virtual participation, but also optionally include the ability to participate in person at several Wolfram locations around the world.

We are looking for motivated students interested in a productive and collaborative intellectual experience.